No one wants burglars to break into his house, but at the same time many of us don’t use a strong lock. It’s the same with WordPress systems why is a password the only thing that protects all our sensitive data?


75 Million People Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular and simplest way to create your own website for free. It’s used for personal needs, by freelancers, and even by big businesses. WordPress makes building a website accessible to anyone.



Secure WordPress Admin Login

There are parts of WordPress that are meant only for you or your team, not for the public. The data of users, articles and other sensitive data that is protected only by username & password. That’s insufficient and not strong enough and you need another level of protection.


IP Whitelisting

One of the best ways to protect your WordPress is to restrict access to the Admin page. Allow only yourself or your team to connect. That can easily be done allowing your Static IP address.

By IP Address Whitelisting, you and other authorized users can view the actual site, but anyone else won’t be able to even see your login page. It simply hides your WordPress Admin from the public internet but also makes them easily visible for your team.


How to protect WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

The easiest & fastest way is to use a free whitelisting plugin, which saves you a lot of time. WordPress has plenty of them and they give you an added functionality.


1. Download & Install FREE Secure Admin IP

2. Click on Activate

In WordPress click on Installed Plugins and click Activate.

3. Click On Settings & Allow IP Addresses

Once the Plugin is active click on Settings.


Last but not least allow your Static IP Addresses. Each on a separate line. Enter your Home IP, Office IP or your VPN Static IP that you can use to connect from anywhere. When ready click on Save Changes.


Bonus tip: What Static IP Should I Choose?

You can either have a home static IP by your ISP or if you’re someone who wants to work remotely & need to access systems from different locations like home-office, cafes, airports or while traveling, VPN static IP is the way to.

The innovation of VPN Static IP is that it’s a cloud-based solution with virtual locations worldwide. That means you can use your Static IP from anywhere. For example even if you travel in Europe, you can easily get your Los Angeles Static IP address using our one-click App. You always have it in your pocket like your phone number.

The setup is as easy as shown above. And you can even use it for much more than connecting to your WordPress.


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