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Picture of CEO Michal Čížek and VPN Static IP


We asked the founder of VPN Static IP to introduce the service to you. Shall we begin? 🙂


Hi Michal, can you please tell us about  VPN Static IP?

Hey, of course! VPN Static IP is a service that provides you with your Personal IP address, which you can imagine as your globally unique personal ID. This static IP address can be used for secure access to your back-office online systems.


What does secure access mean exactly?

Imagine you have an e-shop administration system with a database of all customers. This system is part of your company and should not be accessible to the public. Only authorized team members should have access.

The problem of many companies is very simple – they want to access their systems from home-office, cafes and airports. So they make the system public – that means anyone on the internet can open the login page and try to log in. That’s a big problem because your entire business relies on one single password.



Well, isn’t a password enough?

No, in today’s world of hackers & robots a password isn’t simply enough! It’s happened so many times that systems have been hacked. You can read tons of articles about these cases. Therefore, you need another level of protection to be safe.


How can VPN Static IP be used to increase security?

We’ve made a service that provides protection on the network layer. It simply hides your business systems from the public internet but also makes them easily visible for your team from anywhere worldwide. There are just 3 steps you need to do:

1. Get a dedicated Static IP for yourself or your team.

2. Use IP whitelisting to allow the access just for your new Static IP.

3. Invite your team to use VPN Static IP to access all back-office systems from anywhere.



Anywhere? How? Isn’t the IP address static?

That’s the innovation VPN Static IP brings. It’s a cloud-based solution with virtual locations worldwide. That means you can use your Static IP from anywhere. For example even if you travel in Europe, you can easily get your Los Angeles Static IP address using our one-click App. You always have it in your pocket like your phone number.


Thank you! Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank everyone who made it possible & believes in our solution. We have a great team and more than 10 years of experience with providing VPN services. I believe that Samohyb’s solutions have the potential to bring the evolution of remote access in the upcoming years. We’re trying to make the service human friendly and we’re helping people to make their system access secure. We appreciate every single user and his feedback. It helps us to make the service even more useful.


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