Protect your CRM, eCommerce, databases, or other systems in 5 minutes with GoodAccess.


Say goodbye to complicated and expensive business VPNs and other secure remote access software solutions. We’re transforming the world of home office and remote working. GoodAccess believes in a better, easier, and more affordable way of protecting your business systems.

Whether you’re a small team and want to protect your systems in 5 minutes, or you’re a company and your goal is to assign access rules – GoodAccess is the perfect fit for all sizes!


Feedback of 10.000+ customers created GoodAccess

Many small and medium-sized companies struggle to find an adequate solution for their security. Most solutions are often too complex, expensive, difficult to manage, or lack a simple user interface.

We listened to our clients and based on their precious feedback we innovated our VPN Office solution. We proudly present you with the brand new, intuitive, and secure access gateway called GoodAccess!

When designing GoodAccess we had one thing on our minds – develop an easy-to-use security solution without compromise! Not every team has an IT admin, the time or the money to spend on difficult remote access services and business VPNs.

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess dashboard

Manage your team’s access in a few clicks via GoodAccess dashboard.


Setup your access gateway in 5 minutes

GoodAccess is for everybody and you don’t have to be an IT expert to set it up in 5 minutes! Everything is cloud-based with an intuitive dashboard to have full control over your business. It takes only 4 easy steps to whitelist your dedicated gateway and protect your systems.

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess 4 step setup

GoodAccess dashboard with 4 steps to protect your business systems.


Integrate your systems in a few clicks

We all use online business systems like CRM, e-shop administration, databases, and other private servers. You can simply use GoodAccess’ integrations to protect those systems in a few clicks. Whether it’s your company website or your customer database, make sure your data is always well protected.

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess integrations

Use GoodAccess’ integrations and protect the online systems you use daily.


Invite and manage your Team

Managing your team has never been easier. Invite your team via email invitation and set their tags for easier filtering. We also wanted to make the system as human friendly as possible – you’ll find plenty of nice-looking avatars to choose from. You can also add your router or other devices. 🙂

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess team invitation

Invite your team members, set tags, customize avatars, and assign rules.


Access control management

Your team shares 1 dedicated IP address, but you can still easily decide who has access to which business system. Manage your team’s access using GoodAccess’ access cards. Let your marketing team work on marketing platforms and your developers on IT-related stuff. The access control management is super simple and intuitive!

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess access control management

Decide who has access to which systems in a few clicks with GoodAccess’ cards.


24/7 support and GoodAccess Guru sessions

The GoodAccess solution is straightforward to use. But if you need any help, you can contact our 24/7 support via Live chat, or Ticket system. And if you’re having trouble setting up your private remote access gateway, or protecting your online business systems, just book your Free online session with GoodAccess Guru.

Book your session with GoodAccess guru

GoodAccess Online Session with GoodAccess Guru.


Anytime, anywhere, any device

Connect to your private remote access gateway from home office or business travels, easily! Use the 1-click GoodAccess apps for windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and work from any location worldwide, securely!

Picture of Samohyb's GoodAccess applications

Connect to your access gateway with GoodAccess apps for windows, macOS, iOS, Android


Don’t take our word for it

CEOs, IT admins, and 1000 others would recommend using GoodAccess:

GoodAccess is fast, has low latency and I love the easy-to-use control panel
– Jan Svoboda, CEO at XDENT

I’d recommend using GoodAccess. It’s a secure & easy-to-use solution at a very attractive price point.
– Patric Hegarty, Director of product at Akari software

Read full stories on the GoodAccess website.


Explore GoodAccess yourself with the 14-days Free Trial

We’re so happy with what GoodAccess has to offer! There’re plenty of changes and we want to allow you to try GoodAccess with 14-days Free Trial to protect your business today. If at any time you need any support or have any questions regarding the new GoodAccess solution, please contact us.


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